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Hot rolled steel

Steel / Bronze windows

Technical documentation

For lasting value, steel windows and doors are your first choice. Superior quality translates to superior value and lasting satisfaction. It’s no different with windows and doors. When designing residential, institutional, and commercial buildings, architects have several choices. And, when it comes to creating doors and windows of distinction, the obvious choice is steel. Steel is an investment in value.


Steel doors and windows are universally praised for their incomparable strength, durability, and unparalleled aesthetic value. Further, the inherent material strength, manufacturing processes, and finishing techniques result in doors and windows that last and sustain their beauty.


The steel window section depth and corresponding strength is ideal for projects requiring large glass lites while maintaining the narrow sightlines of steel windows.


Each window and door Bronze&Steel creates is proudly handcrafted to meet an owner’s, architect’s, and builder’s most exacting and demanding requirements. Since each window and door is custom-made, all our products can be designed to enhance any architectural theme.


Fusion Welding: All corners of steel sections are fusion welded, literally bringing the pieces together, fusing the corner into a single piece of steel. The slag is cleaned off and the surface is ground and sanded smooth. The fusion welded corner is a unique feature of Bronze&Steel’s offering unmatched strength. The fusion welded corner withstands twisting of a full 360 degrees without failure.

The name “Stucco” comes from the putty or filler used to fix the single glass in this type of windows. This gave the window an arrow effect on the inside and outside.

The classic W40 range is an evolution of the famous W20 range developed in 1964. Produced for the first time in 1995 it consists of only 12 profiles and follows the unmistakable classic design of its predecessor.

With the new profile system B40, re-proposes a window styles, which accompanied modern architecture through the 20th century.

This series has its origins in the “Universal Range”, which was introduced for the first time in 1912 by the company.

MTS50 TB is the first range of FerroFinestra® thermal barrier family. It follows faithfully the design of solid hot rolled steel window profiles, maintaining its proportions and overlapping effects.

With the new profile system BF60 TB, upgrades the thermal performance of the solid bronze system BF40 into the category of zero comprommises.

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