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Architectural bronze for the ultimate window

Bronze is one of the oldest metals known to man since the beginning of the Bronze Age over 5,000 years ago. It is considered a “living material”, subject to a natural oxidation or weathering and its natural colours range from a copper red fading through golden yellow to end in the different shades of classic browns. It emanates a warmness difficult to match with other metals.

Contemporary architecture is rediscovering the value and beauty of this noble metal, which was the principal performer in windows and doors of representative commercial buildings and residences of the 18th and 19th century. Following extensive research and testing, a special metal alloy of copper and zinc, known as Architectural Bronze, was identified to be the best-suited material from which to extrude solid profiles. Depending on the colour and tone that best suits the project each window and doors goes through a final patina process to achieve the unique aged finish. A protective wax can be hand applied to deter changes to this original patina.

Ideal for restoration works on heritage, but fascinating also for new buildings, windows and doors manufactured with  FerroFinestra® B40 profiles follow the classic design of the popular W40 steel system. B40 combines stability, strength and longevity giving a feeling of luxury and prestige to any building.

Features B40 Bronze

  1. Solid architectural bronze extrusions

  2. Classic “stepped leg” design

  3. Dovetail grooves for weather stripping

  4. Natural resistance to corrosion

  5. Very compact profiles with minimal depth and sightlines

  6. Material thickness up to 4 mm

  7. Choice of different glazing beads

  8. High-performance glazing up to 30 mm

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