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Steel bi-fold doors

Crittall style folding door made of genuine "Crittal style" hot rolled steel profile or their equivalents made on thermally insulated slim profile WB 50 in numerous opening configurations.
This is the slimmest sightline of any framed bifold door available. Only 58 mm where 2 doors meet

  • Can be used for exterior and interior applications

  • hot rolled steel or Thermally broken (insulated) system

  • Slimmer profiles comparing 

  • Depending on the size and loading, there are two options for profile face width: 25 mm or 38 mm 

  • The load-bearing capacity of the top running gear is up to 200 kg, which in turn permits leaf weights of up to 100 kg

  • Multi-point locking 

  • Security options to comply burglar resistance classes of RC2 or RC3

  • PAS 24 feature for ground floor doors 

  • Double or triple glass options  

  • Typical double glass option for a bifold door is 28 mm (6/16/6 : 6mm toughened outer pane / 16mm argon filled cavity / 6mm toughened inner pane)

  • Inner pane of glass can be laminated to increase the security and safety

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