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Nobless oblige – architectural bronze with thermal barrier

With the new profile system FerroFinestra® B60 TB, upgrades the thermal performance of the solid bronze  system B40 into the category of zero compromises. These solid hot extruded architectural bronze profiles with a cast in  polyurethane isolator do accommodate low emissivity triple-glazing units up to 46 mm. Windows and doors made from architectural bronze B60 TB profiles not only boast an incredible longevity, thanks to their natural resistance to atmospheric corrosion, but they are the perfect solution for colder climatic conditions. Ideal for high end restoration works on heritage, but fascinating also for new prestige buildings, all kind of open in and open out, projecting and pivoting windows as well as large size sliding and folding doors can be manufactured.

Features B75 TB

  1. Solid architectural bronze extrusions with thermal barrier

  2. Classic “stepped leg” design

  3. Dovetail grooves for weather stripping

  4. Natural resistance to corrosion

  5. Very compact profiles with minimal sightlines

  6. Material thickness up to 4 mm

  7. Choice of different glazing beads

  8. High-performance glazing up to 48 mm

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