EBE 85 AS is a sliding door/window that can be fit with large glasses and fulfils the countless needs of the eco-friendly designs in a professional and guaranteed way.
EBE 85 AS offers excellent performances for higher living comfort. This is possible thanks to the combination of high-performing thermal-insulating features with outstanding air-permeability, water-proof, wind-loadresistance and acoustic-insulation features.
EBE 85 AS is available in two different solutions. It can be provided with overall 94 mm sections, or with 69 mm central sections, side and upper jambs. Thanks to the choice of different materials offered by Secco Sistemi (galvanised steel, corten steel and brass), EBE 85 AS is the perfect tool for the designer wishing to interpret different architectural styles.
The system is completed by a full range of accessories including a concealed motorised solution, which is ideal for opening doors and windows weighing up to 400 kg.

Sliding doors

available in
paintable galvanized steel
AISI 316L stainless steel – provided in polished or scotch-brite finish or AISI 304 in satin finish
corten steel
brass in polished or burnished finish

EBE 85 AS: system and performance

EBE 85 AS  lift and slide doors is an integrated system with accessorieses, seals and thermal break profiles 85 mm deep. This makes it possible to realise lift and slide door and window frames with one to four wings of big dimensions and weight (up to 400 kgs.). 
They can be equipped with triple glazing up to 60 mm thick.
The sealing of the lift and slide frame is guaranteed by a four-side double seal system. Each solution is equipped with a related set of concealing accessorieses integrated in the system. 
The performance of EBE 85 AS  thermally insulated sliding system has been tested by the best European certifying labs under the reference standard EN 14351-1.




acoustic performance

water tightness

wind resistance - frame bending

wind resistance - test pressure

43 (-1;-4) dB**

1,1 W/m²K*

thermal transmittance (with Ug glass 0,6 W/m2K)


air permeability


break-in resistance

Ref: two-leaf EBE 85 brass lift and slide door 3800x3000mm | *calculation ref. EN ISO 10077/1 | **Ref: single-leaf EBE 85 brass lift and slide door with fix frame 4380x3000 mm

EBE 85 AS: size and variations

EBE 85 AS lift and slide doors is available with 69 or 94 mm frame sections.
There are two solutions available for the threshold: with floor guide track or with guide track integrated in the frame with a drainage system..

reduced central section | frame section 69mm

standard central section | frame section 94mm

floor rail with threshold | h 8 mm

floor rail with integrated threshold | h 20mm

EBE 85 AS: glazing bead

Rectangular, gothic, thin (L shaped): the wide range of glazing beads allows for different internal frame look according to architectural needs.




EBE 85 AS: handles

Stainless steel handle available in satin or scotch-brite finishing. Brass handle available in paintable untreated, burnished, polished or polished chrome finishing. The system allows for different handles to be fitted.

stainless steel handle for lift and slide doors 
h.280 | d.20 mm

brass handle for lift and slide doors 
h.250 | w.25 mm

The integrated automated system for sliding doors can be fitted with door-leaves up to 400 kgs heavy.

EBE 85 AS: accessories

concealed integrated